- Provides accurate digital data
- Identifies bite interferences that can cause muscle hyperactivity
- Measures the percentages of force distributed by each of the teeth
- It can be performed simultaneously to an electromyography to identify changes in muscle activity during the movements of your jaw and teeth.
The T-Scan ™ is the only system available that records the time and forces during the movements of your teeth, allowing your dentist to have a more accurate diagnosis and treatment.
With T-Scan ™ it is possible to identify and adjust harmful interferences in your teeth that may be the cause of chronic muscular problems (eg frequent headaches, neck or face pain) or temporo-mandibular joint (eg displacement the disc, clicks).
With T-Scan ™ your dentist can easily show you the undesirable interferences in your bite and explain how these may be causing other symptoms such as mobility or muscle stress.