- Record your occlusion or "bite" before treatment and see how it changes throughout
- Identify high forces on the teeth to proceed rapidly to their balance during treatment
- Check if you have a correct and functional bite
- Prevent tooth misalignment in the future
- Ensure stability of results after removing the appliance
You should not only feel comfortable with the appearance of your smile after removing the orthodontic appliance, you also deserve a comfortable and functional bite.
During treatment, it is possible to use T-Scan ™ to adjust the force that is applied to the teeth when chewing and reduce the risk of developing chronic problems such as a temporomandibular disorder or reabsorption of dental roots.
Most patients seek orthodontic treatment for cosmetic reasons, not realizing the effect on their overall dental health if, in the end, there is no balance of the forces with which the teeth contact each other.
T-Scan ™ gives your orthodontist an immediate view of how your teeth fit. This way you can evaluate the static and dynamic quality of all contacts between your teeth at that moment and even preserve this record for any future consultation for further comparison.